Become a CSA member

You can become a CSA member by visiting our Bucky Box webstore and selecting the weekly harvest share that best suits your household. You'll be given the option to "convert to a CSA share", which will create the 20% discount on the weekly harvest and 10% discount on other items available in the store. CSA members pay a one-off $50.00 membership fee. Once you've joined you'll receive a weekly email with information about what's in your box, what's been happening on the farm and upcoming events of interest.

Every Autumn we review our Harvest Share CSA prices. Find here our latest CSA Harvest Share Price List (2019).

CSA members who are also members of Wairarapa Green Dollars or Green Dollar communities in other parts of New Zealand can pay 50% of their 13-week share in Green Dollars. Please contact us for more information.

Our Nitty Grity document provides detailed information about our and your responsibilities as part of the CSA.  When you join the CSA you'll be asked to tick a button advising you have read and agreed to this information.

Click here to join our CSA.

Wairarapa Eco Farm is foremost a CSA and we encourage you to join us for the long haul. However, until we reach our optimum membership of 200 people we offer our valuable produce to everyone, with the expectation that one day you will see the value in supporting our project by committing to seasonal shares. So even if you are not a CSA member you can still request a weekly delivery or order individual items by visiting our online shop.