Cherries 2012 / 2013

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Our 1 acre organic cherry orchard is a vital part of the Wairarapa Eco Farms; it creates ecological diversity in the total farm design plan and, in good years, provides us with a cash crop.

The orchard has its own micro climate and generally enjoys cold winters and hot summers, creating the ideal spot for quality organic cherry production. Sufficient winter chill is necessary for good bud initiation and the heat of summer gives us high sugars and sweet fruit.

Our harvest season starts at the end of November with the variety Early Burlat, followed by Dawson, Stark Crimson, Noir de Guben, Lapins, Summit, Bing and Stella.


Early Burlat - This is our earliest variety. Available in late November it is a large firm bright red fruit. An early taste of summer.

Dawson – Great cherry with rich burgundy colour, sweet and juicy. Available for Christmas most years. Medium size.

Bing - Cherries are red black sweet and crunchy. Possibly the world's best known variety. Size is medium to large. Available for New Year most seasons.

Stella - Heart shaped dark red and sweet fruit. Available in early January.

Lapins - Large sweet fruit deep red in colour.

Rainier – Interesting white fleshed large and very sweet. This is a very popular cherry.


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