Spring Onions

Spring OnionsTender and mild with a long white slender neck and hollow green tops, Spring Onions are milder than mature onions which make them ideal for eating raw and using in salads. The green tops of spring onions are often used like chives to garnish dishes.  They are also know as “scallions”, “green onions” and “salad onions”. 

Storage: Storage of spring onions varies from the rest of the onion family as they need to be refrigerated.

General Use: Wash and trim the roots as well as any ragged ends at the top.  Slice the bulb into rounds.  Cut the green tops across (kitchen scissors are good for this) or lengthways, then lengthways again, according to what shape you'd like.  If you want to make the tops into a garnish stand in ice cold water for 30 minutes after cutting.

Raw: For a yummy sandwich spread one side of each of two slices of bread with a little mayonnaise.  Add fresh lettuce leaves, sliced radishes, sliced spring onion and finely shopped dill and chives.

Add finely chopped spring onion to mashed potato to give it an extra zing.

Salad: In a bowl put roughly chopped large tomatoes, finely sliced spring onions, torn mint leaves, sea salt and pepper and gently toss together.  Add olive oil and red wine vinegar and toss to coat.

Stir Fried: Stir fry sliced spring onions with olive oil and whatever seasonal vegetables you have on hand.  Garnish with the green tops just before serving.

Braised: Debone chicken and cut into pieces.  Marinate with dark soy sauce for about 15 minutes.  Heat olive oil in a wok.  While doing so, cut spring onion on the bias into 4cm pieces.  Cut ginger into slices.  Stir fry garlic and chicken until chicken changes color.  Set aside.  Stir fry ginger and spring onions until fragrant.  Add chicken, rice wine, sugar and chicken broth.  Mix well, cover wok and allow to braise over low heat for about 10 minutes.

Roasted: Trim the spring onions, leaving 10-15cm of the green tops.  Coat onions with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Roast at 175°C, turning every 15 minutes or so, until well browned and oozing yummy juices.