Feedback from some of our CSA members

Hi guys

We have just received our second fruit and vege box. I just wanted to say it has been an absolute thrill to finally be able to provide truly healthy fruit and veges to our children. Last night we steamed some of your fantastic beans and carrots. As a vote for how delicious they are compared to commercially grown veges, the children asked if there were more carrots and beans to eat they loved them so much. We have previously tried to buy commercially grown organic produce. The difference between your biodynamic produce and the organic produce is like night and day. The flavor of your fruit and eyes are incredible. We are just so pleased that you are able to supply us with such quality produce.

Thanks so much from all of the Hutton Family (17 April 2015).


It's my second week of collecting our share from you. I just wanted to let you know how happy we have been. For a start, the convenience of it is VERY appealing. There's probably a bit more in there than we would normally have bought, but the good thing about that is that we make sure we get through it in one way or another. The variety is great and it means being able to come up with new recipes and we don't get stuck in the rut of eating the same old recipes all the time.


Hi there Josje & everyone at Wairarapa Eco Farm,
Firstly, I just wanted to say how much we've been enjoying our weekly box from you. We've liked the variety of produce and that it has made us eat and cook new things (like swedes!). I'm sure it has hugely reduced our food waste (and food bill). When I used to shop at Hill St Market, I'd buy too much stuff as there was so much tempting stuff on offer, but not always get around to using it. I make sure that I try to eat the salad greens first thing when they're nice and fresh so am sure that we're also eating a lot more greens as a result. I loved the beetroot sauerkraut when that came and would love to get that again (plus the recipe if you were happy to share!). Overall, I find the box good value for money and definitely time saving as well.


Thank you Benedicte for the follow-up courtesy call. I got my first small veg box and it is alive and yummy :) ... Happy to be on board!

Blessings, Lori

Hi Frank and Josje,

I just wanted to write you a line to say how much [we] are enjoying our weekly fruit and veggie boxes! It's just so fantastic having such a great range of fresh, delicious, seasonal, organic produce each week! One of the highlights of my week is receiving this very e-mail! I love being inspired by the produce and coming up with new recipes to fit the season as opposed to the other way around. And it's such a great opportunity to include in our diets healthy veggies that we wouldn't normally buy, like kale and Jerusalem artichokes. We are especially loving the feijoas, pumpkin (can't believe how flavoursome they have been!), kale (It is so tasty as "kale chips"), the baby carrots, fresh salad greens and the little cabbages were a hit too! Pears and oranges also divine! Gosh, I guess that is about everything! Only thing that has been disappointing since we signed up were the tomatoes - quite floury :-(. But otherwise everything has been delicious!

Anyway, thank you for all the marvellous work you are doing! It is such a treat having access to top quality produce, whilst living in the city centre without a veggie and herb garden of our own.


Thank you for the joyously crunchy apples!


Just to show everything gets used up from my share! A weekly roast-up of veggies in my share, this week onions, beets, carrots and home-grown potatoes, garlic, rosemary and sage, add a slosh of olive oil n balsamic. Yum !!

I really enjoy the diversity of my csa share. It's made me realise that I've bought week after week the same choices from the supermarket, regardless of growing seasons. I've now created a couple of raised veggie gardens to supplement my csa share with herbs, greens, and what takes my fancy.

I'm very appreciative of all your hard and rewarding work.

Cheers, Natalie

Hi Josje, I wanted to tell you how much my husband and I relish your wonderful veggies!!! That's the best investment we've ever made I think. And your potatoes are the best in the world! They make such FANTASTIC wedges! We pretty much stopped using spices because the veggies are so so flavoursome.

Thanks, Ynes

Hi Frank and Josje,

Just wanted to write to you and say a huge thank you for the high quality of produce and the excellent selection lately; loving the Feijoas, amazing onions, silverbeet, and tomatoes, and the addition of fennel, artichokes and chestnuts this week is very exciting as I love cooking with them. Thank you so much!

Cheers, Stephen