2nd Annual Spring Blossom Farm Day Coming up

Hi everyone,

Great to see the sun out again; it makes life seem so much easier.  Just had a cup of tea in the sun and it’s so calm here as well! Anyone who has been here recently will hear the difference! This is mainly due to the fact that we brought our older chickens and roosters to the local butcher. The roosters were becoming very loud early in the morning and actually throughout the day, I think the young female chickens that stayed behind are happy to get some space to their own without the constant male attention. 

In the house we are looking after some baby chicks born two weeks ago who will join the flock when they are a bit bigger. They have been joined last night by Socks, our new baby lamb who has a sore leg and could not keep up with its mum.  It’s a cross between a "Zwarte Bles" (Black Bles) and East Frisian,and the kids are already adoring him: Femke could only just get herself from beside his side to go to school this morning- tears in her eyes!

This week we are starting with the new CSA Spring season (for most of you) and thank you all so much for your lovely feedback and support. Its great to see that quite a few pay at the start of each season and the rest by regular payments. You are all a breeze to work with and that gives me more time to do what I love doing, i.e. gardening, not accounting!  We very much look forward to a great spring/summer season with lots of nice fruit and vege. Beans, zucchini, tomatoes, basil, etc, etc etc are all being sown right now!

2nd Annual Spring Blossom Farm Day

To celebrate the new growing year we like to invite you to the 2nd Annual Spring Blossom Farm Day. Last year was such a success, and the timing was so perfect with regards to the apple blossom.  This day is a great opportunity to come and see where and how your fruit and vege are grown, meet us, the growers and enjoy a good day out into the country side.

When:Saturday 21 September, start 11 am. (or Saturday 28 September if first Saturday is canceled due to bad weather).

Where: Wairarapa Eco Farms market garden and orchard, 38 te Ore Ore Bideford Road in Masterton.

More information will be posted on our website closer to the time.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Your CSA shares this week:

Fruit Share: 1.5 kg Apples and 800 grams Pears.

Small Vege Share: 400 grams of Carrots, a Broccoli or Cabbage, a bunch of Turnips of Daikon Radish, a bag of Cavalo Nero Kale and a fresh Winter Salad Mix with Chicories or Mizuna.

Large Vege Share: 400 grams of Carrots, a Broccoli or Cabbage, a bunch of Turnips of Daikon Radish, a Celeriac, a bag of Beetroot, a bunch of baby Leeks, a bag of Brussel Sprouts, a bag of Cavalo Nero Kale and a fresh Winter Salad mix with Chicories or Mizuna.

Did you know that we have compiled great recipe pages on quite a few of our crops? Click on the blue or underlined crops and find interesting storage tips, nutrional information and some simple but gorgeous recipes to get you going.

Some housekeeping:

Aro Valley Community Centre: has anyone accidentally taken the key from the hall home? It is been missing for a few weeks. Please return to Kelvin, the Aro Valley Community Coordinator.

Alicetown Community Centre: please cross of your name and CSA share when picking up your goodies. Katrina has brought a pen that lives in the grey pot somewhere close the vege crates. This makes it some much nicer for everyone using the CSA pick up to know what is happening. Thanks Katrina.

Bemont, Steiner School: Pick up point in the making. We are waiting for a few more families to join from the school.