Bread, Cheese, Milk and Wine? YES, Bring it on!

Exciting times are ahead of us, with artisan bread, cheese, low intervention wine and raw milk being added or coming soon to our web shop.  This coming week will be the last week for the eggs over winter, but also here we plan to come back a bit bigger and more efficient so we can better keep up with the demand for our wonderful eggs! To order some extra items on a week to week basis, go to the webstore and click on "select some extra items". From there you will be able to choose the products you are interested in.  These extra orders need to be in by Monday evening so we have enough time to organise.

New season

Another season is upon us with winter arriving soon.  Every day I learn more ways of making Bucky Box work better for us (eg this week I managed to include fortnightly
potato free shares), but I have not yet worked out how to deal with our 13 week cycle.  This coming week is the last week of the ‘original’ autumn cycle and please check your last “What is in your box email” to check your balance and top up if required. 

Our carrots and beetroot have and still are doing great this year. With all the wet weather in Canterbury particularly, where most of the organic carrots nationawide are grown, there have not been many carrots around this year. So we are very please that we are able to keep up with growing for our CSA this year.  Our Jerusalem artichokes have done marvelous, as well as the potatoes.  We are short on potatoes until a new lot comes on.  There will be kale galore as well as chard, chicories and pumkin. We will be working together with local organic growers Jeremy and Jos to get us through winter.  

Matt's back - drop off support

We are very excited that Matt has come back on board. He is our new ‘liaison officer’ in Wellington for a few hours every week to smooth out issues at drop offs over town.  He is going to visit each of the Wellington drop offs and check in with everybody as to how things are going, plot where all the CSA members are and the drop off you use, look into any new drop offs required and explore possibilities for these venues.  On top of all of this he will also look into organising a Wellington CSA get shared meal get together.

Cementing relationships

Over the past year Frank has been cementing old and new  relationships to work towards a healthy community where we as growers, farmers, bakers, etc  work less in isolation, closing the cycles to create less waste in our systems.  For example we plan on growing some of the grains and seeds for Shepherd, our baker on some land at the organic dairy farm from Gerry and Jenny, while we can use some of the dairy effluent/poo to make fertiliser/compost for our greedy crops and the sheep from Miles, the cheese maker graze our orchard over winter/spring to clean up the floor from unwanted plants and insects while at the same time fertilising the trees.  Our friends, Barbara and James, at the vineyard were part of the organics course that Frank taught years ago and as you will be able to read on their website, Frank’s words stuck with them with a s a result that they now farm a small vineyard at the back Martinborough producing wines the traditional way; natural and vegan friendly!

Traditionally, when communities still relied on natural inputs, this is how communities operated as they were depending on closing the natural cycles as much as possible to make sure the community was prosperous and healthy. The term ‘waste’ did not exist, as what was waste for one, was an input for someone else in the village. People had to work together to make it all work and produce healthy food and healthy communities! Over the years, with industrialisation coming of age, we have relied less on natural inputs and more on artificial ones from the waste of the oil industry. These were cheap and ‘easy’ to use with as result that we all work on little individual islands, isolated from the rest of the community.

Our aim is to slowly break this cycle, and work more towards traditional throughput systems (in contrast to the modern high input/high output system), working with each other.  Having all these wonderful quality produced products on the web shop is another way on how we can help each other. 

Please note that with all of this, The Wairarapa Eco Farm CSA works from an organic perspective; we pioneer something, set it up and use trial and error to make it best fit in the system. These new initiatives might and probably will need some tweaking before it all works perfectly! 

Frank on tape!

If you like to know more about our perspective on growing good food, check out the short video's on our website. We are adding them as they become available. At the moment the topics are: innovation, the link between soil quality and food quality, ecological growing and polycultures

As a last note, we welcome back John Mackay (previously director of SimplyGoodFood) to the CSA.   From 2006-2011, John was instrumental in keeping local organic food available to Wellingtonians - we are delighted to have you back!

Josje and the farm team