CSA UPDATE 21 June 2012

This weeks harvest shares

  • Fruit Shares: 1 kg Breaburn Apples, 600-700 grams of Pears and 700-800 grams of Kiwifruit Green.
  • Small Veggie Shares: 500-600 grams of Winter Carrots, 400 Grams of Jerusalem Artichokes, 1 Joy Choy, either 700 grams Beetroot or 500 grams Baby Turnip, and 250 grams of Curley Kale or Cauliflower or Green Cabbage.
  • Large Veggie Basket: 500-600 grams of Winter Carrots, 400 Grams of Jerusalem Artichokes, 1 Joy Choy, 100 grams of the real garlic, 1 lettuce, either 2 kohl rabi or turnips, 90 grams of fresh Bay Leaves, 1 kg of Red Skinned all purpose Potatoes, 1 decent Butternut Pumpkin, either 700 grams Beetroot or 500 grams Baby Turnip, and 250 grams of Curley Kale or Cauliflower or Green Cabbage.

Note on Cauliflower and Frost.  Frank had in mind to give everyone Cauliflowers this week, but due to recent cold weather, this was not meant to be. Please note that over winter, our supply on certain items can run a wee bit short. This will mean that we have to substitute certain items and the Harvest Share list above will indicate that for example there can be either a cauliflower or a cabbage or a bag of curly kale provided.  The good thing is that we have been growing the CSA week by week again and numbers are going up.

Aro Valley Pick Up starting next week

Great news! I have met up with Linda from the Aro Community Centre this week to set up an Aro Valley PickUp. I am currently organizing a key lock, setting up new Aro Valley Sheets for ticking off, and checking with the courier. Anyone who wants to change his/her pickup to Aro Valley please let me know asap so we can change the forms accordingly. We need to organize/set up procedures for the pick up, checking crate numbers, keeping the storage room tidy, etc.  Also if you know of anyone who has been part of the CSA in the past and dropped off because of the inconvenience of having to pick up from Innermost please contact them and see if they want to rejoin. The more the merrier!

Online Shop

Have you checked out our online shop yet? We have around 18 products on there that you can add to your regular order. Orders need to be by Tuesday morning so we can organize inclusion in that weeks drop off; you will find the items (labeled with your name) at your normal PickUp point.  As this is a new initiative, there will probably a need for some tweaking.

Coming shortly!

Beautiful meat on its way! We have 2 cows that are getting too big for our property; they are breaking through and jumping over fences too often. In the next few weeks they will be going to the works and then to the butcher to be processed into packages of delicious healthy meat. This is all done according to Health & Safety Regulations, so we will be able to sell the meat online to you. Distribution will be coordinated in specific weeks to ensure cool transport. We will keep you in the loop. Let us know if you are interested and what type of cuts you would like, now that it still has to be decided.


Figure 1 Therese organizing the weekly pack out;  Figure 2 Sheep grazing the orchard last year;  Figure 3 Chicken at the front door.

Chickens for your yard or the pot! Our chickens have done a beautiful job, providing us with delicious and often quite big and sometime strange looking eggs. It is time for them to move on, either into retirement in one of Wellington’ back gardens or into the pot. Please see our online web shop to order one for the pot or a couple for the garden. We have ordered a new flock that will arrive soon.  Once you have ordered we will organize a date to bring them (alive) to Hill Street Farmer’s market where you can pick them up.  Due to Health & Safety Requirements we will not be able to sell them to you skinned. They are around 2 years old, and in good condition!

Wairarapa Sheep Cheese. Now that all the apples have been harvested we are getting ready to welcome Miles’s milk sheep back to the orchard. Last year we put fences in to accommodate the animals, and they did a wonderful job cleaning up the orchard floor, as well as leaving behind their highly appreciated droppings. The other side of the coin was that Miles’ sheep had access to high quality grass, had very high birth rates, healthy lambs and overall a wonderfully successful spring.  Miles’s cheeses will be available soon on our website for people to purchase next to their weekly harvest share.  Miles has won several awards for his cheeses, but also for his environmental management of his property. The cheeses are not certified organic, but they are very tasty, local and both the cheeses and the animals are produced and cared for with utmost attention to the condition of the animals, the environment and the quality of the cheese. For more information see the website www.kingsmeadecheese.co.nz.

Conversation for the Future of CSA

On 21st July 2pm – 5pm, CSA members are invited to join in a Conversation for the Future of CSA. This gathering will use Conversations The Game facilitated by Caroline Welkin, your New Zealand Conversations facilitator and enthusiastic CSA member. This inspiring game will help us to see what we want from our CSA, express our thoughts and share our feelings in an warm and open minded setting. We at CSA see this as a great way to open conversations and note expectations for the future.

Venue will be announced once confirmed. If you would like to explore more about Conversations the Game you can check out www.conversationsthegame.com.au, or join the Conversations Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/ConversationsTheGame  . For more Information you can contact Caroline Welkin, T: 934 0033, M: 027 642 7222.

A bit further in the making…

If there is enough interest: Wonderful unpasteurized milk and fresh farm yoghurt from our organic neighbour in Tauherenikau. At home we have been enjoying these products for a number of years and we just love it; it is fresh, very local, organic, straight from the farm, and realistically priced. At the moment Gerry works a bit like the CSA, in that we pick up milk and yoghurt every Thursday directly from the farm’s fridge. We have set up weekly AP’s to pay for our own standard orders. We have to think this through a bit more to ensure it is all done according to NZ regulations, as Gerry can sell his product only directly on to you.

Organic Bread from Bolly. Have you ever had the chance to visit Bolly’s place in the ranges near Mt Holdsworth? If you have, you know how delicious his products are, and also how much integrity he puts into his place and his products. He is only open on Friday evenings from 6 -8 pm and you really have to know where you are going as it is. Next to his Friday evening pizza evenings, he sells wonderful breads at the Masterton Farmers Market. Bolly is keen to make bread for us. We will keep you in the loop with this one too.

Other News:

Caroline Welkin, CSA member, has used Kinesiology and NLP for shifts and changes towards greater focus, health and achievement in her life and with clients since 2001. She is offering members of CSA free sessions to create better balance in their lives using kinesiology in order to gain her formal accreditation in this field. Kinesiology is a system of healing and correction based on meridian re-balancing where imbalance exists. Sessions may take up to one hour.

Caroline Welkin,T: 934 0033, M: 027 642 7222

Have a great week, stay warm and healthy,

Josje, Frank and the team at the farm.