Farm Update19 August 2012

Hi everyone,

It is Friday again and you have already picked up and stored away this week's CSA shares. Apologies for being a day late; Frank is going back home on Sunday and there is/was a lot to organise to make it happen smoothly. Beside renewing his pasport, organising visa's and insurance, Frank's main worry is the CSA and the farm.

Matt and Albert have received a crash course in the management of the CSA and daily /weekly tasks during spring on the farm, and Matt and I are confident we can handle the situation.  Only thing left for Frank is now to relax and pack his suitcase, which according to my mum back in the Netherlands does not have to be big as he only needs some shorts and sunglasses: they are expecting 38 degrees Celcius this weekend.

At home he hopes to support his parents and sister since his father is battling with colon and liver cancer. Frank's father has taken on a lot of advice and support from Frank over the phone and via email, but after 8 years not seeying each other it is time to pack the bags and refresh family ties! Once he finds his way through the airports and get's home safely he can start relaxing and maybe enjoy some time away as his last holiday was exactly 3 years ago (1 week in Tauranga)!

Frank will be back on the 6th of September and we hope by then the rain will have stopped, the soil dried up and Matt and Albert have been able to prepare and sow or transplant some fresh beds with well needed crops.

This week's CSA shares:

200g kale (carvalo nero or curly), 1 lettuce, 1 chicory or 2-3 smaller ones, 400g Jerusalem artichokes, 1 kg+ pumpkin.

200g kale (carvalo nero or curly), 1 lettuce, 1 chicory or 2-3 smaller ones, 400g Jerusalem artichokes, 1kg+ pumpkin, 60-70g spring onions, 160g+ bak choy, 500g kumara,1 bag of spinach, rocket or salad mix and300-400g daikon radish or turnips.

1.5kg braeburn apples, 800-900g kiwifruit and 500g mandarin or orange.

Have a great week,

Warmest regards, Josje and the farm team.