First litter of Maremma puppies born on the Farm

The whole family got excited on Easter Monday when we noticed after dinner that Florence, our purebred Maremma Guardian dog started to show the first signs of labour.  A few hours earlier we had brought inside the newly built whelping box and introduced her to it (she seemed to like it very much, only coming out to go outisde for a perceived pee!)  Sure signs for me (as a mum of 4 myself) that something was about to happen, and when she started to breath very heavily I was sure this was not going to take very much longer. 

We all joined Florence in the whelping room (office) which she accepted and appreciated as a sign of support.  Frank joined her in the whelping crate and she did not want him to leave her side. 15 minutes later her waters broke, which she started cleaning up straight away, and after some contractions puppy number 1 made it out.  With around 3 hours intervals there were 3 more happy and healthy pups. 

Florence is showing to be a fantastic mum, keeping the process and the pups clean at all times, moving carefully around in the box and growling at Louis (the father of the pups) whenever he dares to show his face around the corner of the door. Interesting, but also very comforting to see, how she accepts the whole family, but not Louis. Also a very interesting new learning experience for our children, who range in age from 24 to 12 and were excited and amazed by how Nature works so perfectly.

Here are some pics.