Frank speaks at the 2014 BD Conference

Frank is back!

It has been a little while since frank last spoke at the New Zealand Annual Biodynamic Conference.  Last Sunday morning the family got up before sunrise and piled into the car, and I really mean piled!  The little ones insisted on bringing pillows and blankets.  This year the BD Conference was in Palmerston North, so we had a bit of driving to do. The speeches started at 8.40 and frank followed on from a Rachel Schneider from America speaking about CSA's over there; a great intro into the ideology of a CSA.  

At Home, Frank and I had prepared a talk and slideshow (which we have posted here below), but after hearing Rachel talk about her CSA, the 10 principles of CSA, and the CSA situation in the US (around 13,000 CSA are operating over there!?!?), Frank ended up giving a very passionate and personal presentation that is still booming in my head.  Watch the video here!

I am sure you will feel inspired too!  So here we have filmed Franks Speech as is was:

Part 1


Part 2

And here we have Franks prepared PowerPoint:


Trip back home

We are probably a bit more emotional than normal lately as we are getting ready to make the difficult but necessary trip to see family back home in the Netherlands (June 11 to July 20).  As winter slows down activities on the farm, this is the best time to ‘escape’. Frank’s father is living with cancer and it is time to reconnect with our roots after a 10 year gap and finally introduce our smallest 2 to their grandparents and wider family.  We are very much looking forward to see everyone again, and it is great to have a marvellous team of dedicated people wanting to take care of the CSA and the farm while we are away.  For you as our CSA member everything will stay the same as normal, just remember that if you need to get in contact with the CSA, use our CSA email address, which is

Fermented Veggies on their way!

Your CSA share next week will include some fermented veggies from our friend Hella. Please klet us know if you do NOT like it as part of your share. Hella makes little batches of fermented veggies and this will give us the opportunity to add it to the shares more or less once every 4-5 weeks. Hella, a Steiner kindergarten teacher and keen gardener  has, together with her partner Joep, been completely self sufficient in vegetables for the last 3 years. All surplus gets fermented and it was out of this that the wish arose to produce sauerkraut or mixed fermented vegetables for the CSA.

They apply the BD compost preparations and have a house cow and calf who give us plenty of manure to build good size compost heaps.

Their land borders the Tararua National Park and they have opened up an area for education and recreation such as; school groups, EC centers or any other groups who would like a day out in the country. For more information about the "Stoney Springs" outdoor classroom you can contact Hella Coenen or Joep de Greeuw 06 3725624 or 0273543273.

Look forward to hear your feedback on Frank's talk,


have a great week,

Josje and the farm team