Good things keep on happening!

Hi everyone,

Today is week 13 and we are moving slowly into Autumnand into another CSA Season. The hot weather has passed (for now), and although I like it hot it was good to see some good rainfall.  Everyone and evrything was so thirsty!

It was raining already quite nicely last Monday evening, while I was writing out invoices for the new season and I received an email from one of our CSA members in Wellington (where the weather had obviously already changed dramatically but I did not have a clue.) She wrote ”hope this rain is good for the veggies and not destroying anything”. I wondered if rain could do anything but good after all the dry weather! The rain that followed an hour later however was so intense; after all the dry weather I had almost forgotten how intense it can be and how fast the weather can change from one extreme to the next and I started to worry about the veggies too.  Over a period of 36 hours the Wairarapa went from 31 degrees to 13 degrees Celcius!

Luckily the weather did not do too much harm, except for throwing up a lot of dry soil and hammering our wonderful looking lettuces.  We had a ball trying to wash the soil of the harvest this week and I am sorry to say that you still might have to give them another wash.

2013 is brining it on!

These coming few weeks we are seeing 2 wonderful people coming to our shores; Arden Anderson and Joel Salatin, both from the US. Arden is giving lectures covering the relationship between human health, the food we eat and the soil we grow in.  Exactly the conclusions Frank makes when talking about our farm (i.e. during our last farm day talk) and food quality in general.


Low quality food is slowing starving us of vital nutrients we need to be healthy, vibrant and live our full genetic potential.”  Dr Arden Andersen.

Arden says “Conventional agriculture is stealing our quality of life via cancer, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, dementia, and other diseases. All disease has a basis in nutrition, including ones we consider as ‘genetic’.  The new science of epigenetics shows how genes can be turned on and off depending on what mineral building blocks are available to the cell – nutrition is what determines genetic expression.

Genetically-altered food creates proteins and gene sequences that are foreign to our bodies and prompt allergic reactions.  These foods are causing health issues wherever they are consumed regularly.  Animal tests show damages including kidney and liver dysfunction, reproductive problems, skin issues.  People are experiencing allergies, inflammation, and new sorts of infections not seen before by medical science.

At the same time, the imposition of genetically engineered crops has led to significant increases in the use of toxic pesticides, resistant weeds, diseases and insect pests. 

Paralleling these events we see increasing human illness and disease trends including GI disorders, autism, birth defects, fertility and spontaneous abortions, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, resistant infections, food borne diseases and childhood cancers. 

While the health establishment claims that we’re living longer, this supposed fall in mortality is all the more notable in view of the rise in sicknesses that weren’t an issue 50 years ago. 

One common thread through all these issues and problems is nutrition.  Nutrition is the foundation of health; the lack of sound nutrition is the seed for ill health and disease.  Disease has absolutely been proven to be connected to diet.”

The human race still digs its own grave with its teeth.”  

Lectures take place in Havelock North: Saturday February 16, 2013 and Auckland: Saturday February 23 2013.


Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms is here to give a course on how a “small family farm can become an extremely diverse and profitable Local Food producer, and how the benefits of Local Food Systems can create resilience, stability and abundance for both local farmers and the wider community.” According to Regenerate website.

Also this sounds very much like us. We are probably one of the few example “polyface” farms in New Zealand. Lets hope some more people get inspired!

Joel featured in Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and in the films FRESH and FOOD, Inc., Joel and his family at Polyface Farms exemplify successful small-scale farming and the growing relocalization movement. Polyface is a working model of how small farms can produce pastured poultry (eggs, broilers, turkeys), salad bar beef, free-range pork, forage-based rabbits and forestry products, and then sell those products through successful relationship marketing within the local community”.  

His course takes place on 27-28 February 2013, Wanaka, New Zealand/Aotearoa (South Island).

Would be great to see CSA farms become an institution like they are for many people in the USA! We still have room for some 20 new members or so, so bring them on for the Autumn Season and receive a 10% discount on your next subscription.

Your CSA shares this week

Fruit Share: 1 kg Fortune or Omega Plums and 1 kg of Discovery Apples – all tree ripened and new season!

Small Veggie Share: 3 large brown onions, 1 kg Courgette, 1 kohl rabi, 2 Pak Choy and one lettuce or one bag of Shoho Oriental Spinach leaves.

Large Veggie Share: 3 large brown onions, 1 kg Courgette, 1 kohl rabi, 2 Pak Choy, one lettuce or one bag of Shoho Oriental Spinach leaves, 400 grams of Carrots, a bunch of Basil, 1 Cucumber, 180 grams of Butter Beans and either a Chinese Cabbage, 2 Broccoli or 1 Green Cabbage.

Have a great week, and enjoy your health,

Josje and the farm team