A great start to 2013

Hi everyone,

2013 has started very positive with a group of new members joining, some trialing it out and some ‘old’ members who have decided that it is a good time to start up again.  This week we reached a new high with 78 veggie shares going out!! Our aim of 100 shares seems very much within our reach.  We feel very positive and do our best to keep this positive momentum going.

Some positives

Healthy & Nutrient Dense Fruit

We have been very happy with our cherries over summer and the feedback from members has been so very positive; in the end well worth the stress that comes with growing delicate sweet fruit!.  The plums are doing well too (and we are doing our very best to share the harvest out.) We are half way through the season and next week we hope to start with early variety Discovery apples before we head into our main apple harvest of our Breaburn and Pacific Rose in March.

Bio Gro Inspection

In the beginning of December we had our annual inspection from the BioGro office and they made some interesting and very positive comments making us very proud and right on the way to becoming a great healthy hub in this lower part of the North Island.  For more information on our soil and tree care program for healthy fruit follow this link.

Happy Healthy Chickens

Over spring we started our own breeding program to breed a sustainable chicken population. So far we have groups of young male and female chicks (different ages) running around, almost doubling the number of chickens. We even have some adopted duckling running around with a proud mother chicken. We are thinking of a farm day sometime later in Autumn to show you exactly what we are trying to achieve.  For more information on our breeding initiative click on this link.

Meat on its way

This week we also had a call (finally) from the animal transport company and we have now said goodbye to Moonlight our cow. She felt a bit lost after her sister Jumblee left last year, but then took it on her to look after 2 new calves that joined her in Spring.

There are still some shares (i.e. meat packages) available from our online farm shop (Order here) for anyone interested in good quality meat.  At home the whole family was so impressed last time around that we could not go back to the supermarket.  According to the butcher it will be ready by the end of next week and I will contact everyone who bought (or buys) a share to arrange delivery.

Apple Juice

Everyone who normally receives our delicious apple juice with their order is missing out this week (and maybe next) due to the fact that we have run out faster than we thought we would. Luckily, we still have juicing apples in the chiller which we are getting ready to bring to the press in the next few days. If you have missed out we will make it up to you with extra juice when its back.

CSA Autumn Season starting soon

For our regular members, this is week 11, with only 2 more weeks to go, it is time to rethink your subscription and let me know of any changes you want to make.

Due to increased prices on a number of fronts (especially electricity, tractor fuel, and transport, chook feed), we have reluctantly made the decision to increase our prices a teeny tiny bit for this upcoming Autumn season.  This is our first increase since we started off with the CSA.


Old price

New price

Large Veggie Share/wk



Small Veggie Share/wk



Eggs –per half dozen/wk



Home Delivery Packing & Courier Fee - Masterton & Carterton (Fastway)



Home Delivery Packing & Courier Fee - South Wairarapa Townships (Fastway)



Home Delivery Packing & Courier Fee - Wellington



Home Delivery Packing & Courier Fee - Palmerston North




Request to swap produce

Ann and Duncan are keen to swap their potatoes (or kumara when we have them) for something else (eg greens) when they come back from their Autumn Sub in February.  Is anyone in the Te Aro group keen on extra potatoes and keen to swap them for something else in your bag that you do not like or use? Contact Josje if you are interested and picking up from Te Aro on csa@wefs.co.nz..

You CSA Shares this week:

Fruit Share: 2.3 kg of delicious plums.

Small Veggie Share: 500 grams of Courgette, 200 grams of Beans, 2 Pak Choy, 1 Broccoli, 500 grams of Tomatoes and 1 kg of bas’s Agria Potatoes.

Large Veggie Share: 500 grams of Courgette, 200 grams of Beans, 2 Pak Choy, 1 Broccoli, 500 grams of Tomatoes, 80 grams of Basil, 1 Frisee Endive, 1 bag of Choho Oriental Spinach, 2 Kohl Rabi  and 800 grams of heirloom Red King Edward or Ilam Hardy Potatoes.