Harvest Shares 14 June 2012

Hi everyone

From a wet and rather cold Wairarapa, I’ll bring you the list of items in your harvest share this week.

  • Fruit Baskets: 1.2 kg apples, ca 700 grams of pears and 4 persimmons or kiwifruit.
  • Small Veggie Basket: A butternut pumpkin, Bak Choy, 200 grams of kale, 400 grams of carrots and 1 lettuce.
  • Large Veggie Basket: A butternut pumpkin, Bak Choy, 200 grams of kale, 400 grams of carrots, 1 lettuce, 400 grams of beetroot, bunch of spring onions, 100 grams of rocket, 1 kg of red skinned potatoes, and 1 bag of Mediterranean salad mix.

We are at that point of time were we are going through seed catalogues, and making plans for the garden this upcoming 2012/2013 season. After seeing almost everything slowing down or dying down, shedding leaves, loosing feathers, we are now slowly getting excited again about what is to come after we pass the shortest day next week. Plans are forming in our heads and must now be translated onto paper. This is always very exciting, and exactly what we need after the Dutch lost their second game in the Euro 2012. (Huge sigh). So, if you like to advise us on crops on particular varieties you like us to grow (as long as the climate allows us to) please do.

Last week’s distribution hick up at Innermost has been solved. From that we came across a few issues:

  1. Great to see that people who were early picking up their share used the distribution list to tick off their name.
  2. Distribution list and Produce list come with every week’s delivery (on same iece of paper but on different sides to save paper!)
  3. Not everyone new about these lists and thus I have emailed everyone the draft Pick Up Protocol to read and hopefully understand and follow. It is a draft version and I am interested in anyone who thinks it can still be improved upon.
  4. If you are not picking up your own share, please be sure you only ask one other person to pick it up for you. Last week one order was picked up twice!

I hope this week will be without problems.  There are new members interested in a Northland group and a Aro Valley group. Are their more of you? Look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great week, stay warm and healthy eating.

Figure 1 Frank weeding lettuces

Josje, Frank and the farm team