Life is beautiful!

Life is jolly at the moment as the good stuff keeps on happening, the weather is great and we are getting lots done.

On the radio

Last Saturday morning Matt, who was on duty at Hill Street farmers market,  texted us out of bed to inform us that we were on the national radio. Earlier than anticipated, but good neverthe less. It is always funny to hear yourself talk, but I think we all did very well. Thank you Susan from Country Life for doing a program on us and the CSA. If you have not yet heard it, you can follow the link below.

Thank You

Since the airing of the program we have some new CSA members and trial-lers, and some really wonderful feedback. Thank you so much, Odell and Hillary, it really touched us.  (for people in the know) life has been tough after the previous CSa failure and to hear ourselves back on the radio being so happy and positive, does do a lot of good.  Frank explained it last Sunday to the visisting CSA members as we thought 5 years ago when we saw the ad in the newspaper for the orchard (that was to be knocked down unless something was done with it) that we were going to save the orchard, but instead the orchard saved us - Thank you Tim and Sarah, for your immense support and belief! 

Last Sunday we had our Autumn farm day and PYO apples. It was a glorious sunny autumn day and with around 25 people turning up at some stage of the day which was much enjoyed by all.  It is a great way for us to get to know our members, start to know a little bit why you find it important to belong to the CSA and it is a great way for you to get to know us, and what makes us the growers that we are.  After lunch Frank toured the market garden and explained what we are doing over winter to keep the CSA going. Thank you everyone for driving down to the Wairarapa and making this into another splendid event.

Poem by Ross

Ross has been enjoying his short time at the farm and has become part of the team and the family. During one of his harvesting sessions he dreamed up a poem about the change of the seasons and the importance of that for the CSA. It was supposed to go into last week's newsletter, but due to my limited IT knowledge got lost. Here it is (again): 

Now the season’s begun to change,
We’re planting a fresh new vegetable range,
Shoho, Carrots, Beets and Cabbage,
(Now too cold for caterpillars to ravage),
We work hard in field and pack shed,
Sending you greens, purples and reds,
Thank you for being part of the team,
That keeps growing each week it would seem,
Winter is coming so we tighten our belts,
Don the gumboots, our woolens and felts,
The summer abundance starts to draw to a close,
The soil cools down, the plants growth slows,
Your continued support means so much to us,
Without we would most surely go bust,
We’re proud to provide such wholesome stuff,
That keeps us all healthy, happy and tough,
If you can please come to farm day,
So you can meet us and learn ‘bout CSA’s
Until then, enjoy the weeks yield,
And I’ll get back to hoeing the field.


About getting lots done!

With the weather staying rather stabile and with the help of some new helpers, we have been able to get lots done, and stay on top of most jobs that need to be done this time of year.  Antoinette from Carterton joined us this week (pictured to the left with some young old heirloom Purple Dragon Carrots) to help with weekly harvesting and packing of the CSA shares. Matt and Ross are becoming quite a team and have transplanted many beds of wintergreens. We are getting ready to sow broadbeans and garlic, and are digging up potatoes as we go. 

Due to the drought we almost lost our precious heirloom potatoes, as they were on a block of land where we have no irrigation opportunities. It seemed a good idea at the time but now we are digging up whatever is left and keep it as seed potatoes for spring planting.      

This week’s CSA Shares: 

Fruit Share: 1.5 kg Braeburn, 1.5 kg Pacific Rose Apples and 500 grams of Apollo Feijoas.

Small Veggie Share: 1.2 kg Moonshine Potatoes (or 2 cobs of Sweetcorn), 500 grams of Jerusalem Artichokes, 2 cobs of Sweetcorn, 1 Broccoli and 50-70 grams of Fresh Coriander.

Large Veggie Share: 1.2 kg Moonshine Potatoes (or 2 cobs of corn), 500 grams of Jerusalem Artichokes, 2 cobs of Sweetcorn, 1 Broccoli, either 500 grams of Courgette or 500 grams of Beetroot or a bag of Mizuna Salad Greens, a bunch of Spring Onions, 400 grams of Carrots, either 2 Kohl Rabi or 130 grams of Capsicum, a bag of Choho Oriental Spinach and 50-70 grams of Fresh Coriander.

Statements and upcoming winter season

The holidays are coming to an end and so is the main autumn season.  Yesterday I sent out statements up to April 30, 2013.  Please have a look and see if your account is up to date!

Today and tomorrow (kids permitting) I intend to send out invoices for the new winter season (for those of you who are in the main season period) which starts in 2 weeks time. As always we appreciate payment if full at the beginning of the season, but if that is too difficult, we are happy with weekly or fortnightly payments as long as you keep up to date. 

Thank you so much and have a great week,

Josje and farm team.