Making Positive Steps

Hi All,

It’s quite hard to be a TRULY sustainable business, as to be really sustainable you have to look at all aspects involved: ecologic, economic, social and cultural.  There is always room for improvement as no one/business is perfect and through new developments more eco friendly solutions become available all the time.  However, the crucial decision often comes down to the money side of things.  A business is only a business as long as the money keeps flowing! As you have experienced we are going through quite a lot of plastic bags – we try as much as possible to minimize, but with lots of fresh leafy greens that is not always possible.  The time has come for us to try something different and make a positive step towards becoming more TRULY sustainable by trialing Eden biodegradable bags instead of the ones we have been using. In the next wee while we are going to use cornstarch bags and we like to have your feedback on how they behave while in your fridge or cool room.  In the past we have used some type of biodegradable bag, but they did not last in the fridge; they decomposed too quickly and became one with the fresh veggies that were stored in them!  The bags we are trialing now are more than twice as expensive as the plastic ones, so we really want them to work for us. Please let us know if its indeed a positive step forward or not!

Worldwide March for a Cleaner World - this Saturday!

Talking about making steps, this Saturday is the worldwide march on Monsanto. There are several marches organized over New Zealand, and Claire Bleakley, Sue Kedgley and some others (who has been active for many, many years to inform us about the dangers of GE foods) have stepped up to make sure something is happening in Wellington too.  After the Hill Street Market we intend to join a large group of marchers (starting in Waitangi Park at 3 pm).  Come and join the March!

To see more about the event go to: Claire writes:

 “Wellington is joining 49 countries and 388 cities across 6 continents including 7 other NZ cities in a world-wide march. All welcome.
At 3 pm everyone will be meeting at Waitangi Park May 25th. PLEASE bring your banners, music, chants and songs. We are suggesting that everyone wears as much red clothing as they can find.
5PM at The Fringe Bar there will be an open mic for views and spontaneous thoughts after which "Genetic Roulette" will be screened.

"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody."   Claire.

In You CSA Shares This Week:

Fruit Share: 1 kg Pears, 1 kg each of Breaburn and Pacific Rose Apples.

Small Veggie Share: 1.2 kg Potatoes (or 2 Pak Choy), 1 large or 2 small Celery, either 1 large or 2 small Broccoli or 1 Cabbage, 300 grams of Purple Dragon Carrots, and 400 grams of Beetroot.

Large Veggie Share: 1.2 kg Potatoes (or 2 Pak Choy), 1 large or 2 small Celery, either 1 large or 2 small Broccoli or 1 Cabbage, 300 grams of Purple Dragon Carrots, 1 Florence Fennel, 400 grams of leeks, a bag of Cavalo Nero Kale, around 1kg of Pumpkin, 250 grams of small Capsicums, a sprig of Bay Leaf and 400 grams of Beetroot.

Enjoy your week with GE free, fresh and organic, nutrient dense fruit & veggies,

Josje and the farm team