Merry Christmas from the CSA farm!

Our Christmas present came early in that the CSA has become officially our own, back to its roots! Frank and I are now the proud owners of the CSA.  In the next newsletter we will introduce you to our ideas for the future.  For now I just need to let you know our new bank account details for your CSA/RSA payments:  Wairarapa Eco Farm CSA: 01-0274-0432230-01. If you have automatic or regular payments going into the CSA please change it NOW!

Summer weather has been coming and going, the broad beans are almost done for the year and other types of beautiful green beans are taking their place, courgettes are here as well as cucumbers etc.  It’s such a pity that many of our members are away when our produce is most bountiful!

Our daughter Sanne and her friend Anne have been helping Antoinette and Frank in the garden and the packing shed.  Although Sanne has always preferred having her nose in books and her hands holding a paintbrush, she and Anne have adapted quickly to the tasks in the garden – it’s interesting to find out how much a child (even unconsciously) picks up along the way from its parents’ way of living/working!.  The best education one can acquire if that what the parents do is morally a good thing.

The chickens have also been doing the right thing; one of our olive tree blocks has never fruited and we had given up on the variety a few years ago!  (If after 15 years still not fruit then it must be the wrong plant in the wrong spot, we thought!) and we transformed the 1 acre block in a chicken run. It now provides ample room for the chickens and the trees have done a great job in protecting the animals from too much rain, sun and wind and also from quite a few prowling harrier hawks that have difficulty catching the birds through the trees.  The manure from the animals has done the trees so well that for the first time in 15 years we have plenty of fruit set.  It looks amazingly beautiful and we are looking forward to harvesting olives for oil in late autumn/beginning of winter and for bringing the oil once again to our members!

While it has been busy in the garden, there is also plenty happening in the office with quite a few changes on the horizon for early 2014! Lots of exciting changes, but more about all of that in the next newsletter!  In the meantime, I am sorry for taking a bit longer to reply to your emails!

In your shares this week:

Fruit Share: a hand of fair trade organic bananas and either a punnet of strawberries or 1 kg of tangelo’s.

Small Veggie Share:  1 kg new potatoes or a marrow or choho oriental spinach, a lettuce, 1 broccoli 100 grams of beans and 900 grams of courgette.

Large Veggie Share:  1 kg new potatoes or a marrow or choho oriental spinach, a lettuce, 1 broccoli 100 grams of beans, 500 grams of squash, a bag of Cavalo nero kale, 150 grams of choho oriental spinach , a bunch of beetroot with tops on, 2 Lebanese cucumbers and 900 grams of courgette.

Have a wonderful Christmas from us all,

Frank, Josje and the farm team