Natures balance!

According to the New Zealand MetService we are experiencing a very mild winter (the warmest on record or so) and I agree that so far winter has been kind to us all, with the small excpetions here and there. While it feels good for the human soul, we have to see if it also good for Nature; spring has come extra early with fruit blossoming everywhere and a few days or nights with Antacrtic frosts and blistery southerlies  can hugely upset young growth and spoil it for later on.

Another wait and see is the manifestation of pests.  Frosty nights help getting rid of bugs the natural way, no harmful sprays necessary, Nature does a lot of the work for us.  I am always amazed at how nature is so cleverly woven into patterns and cycles that creates and maintains the balance of life! However if Nature does not help us keep the delicate natural balance then we might have a problem on our hands with increased insect population able to damage crops without extreme human intervention. Let’s wait and see, stay positive, focused and keep our fingers crossed.

For now its great to see the leafy greens enjoying the warmer temperatures and adding some weight! This week we have been able to add quite a few different greens to the shares. For more information on the crops and some recipe ideas click on the blue names down below. Enjoy Spring!  

Spring Blossom Farm Day, Saturday 21 September

Saturday the 21st of September we are opening the farm gate and give you a chance to come and see for yourselves how the farm and CSA are run, meet us, the passionate growers of your fresh greens and meet some like minded people on the way. We look forward to meeting you all and be able to put a face to some of the names that we see each week on our CSA lists.

Hill Street Market

Over the past 2 months Frank and I have enjoyed taking some time off by giving ourselves a break from the Hill Street Farmer Market which we joined as stallholders at its inception 3 and a half years ago. It gave us a great opportunity to build up a market, get to know people, share our love of growing and food and experiment with unusual crops. For us it was a day out for a long time, away from the farm and the kids! Financially we relied hugely on the income until early this year the CSA started to grow almost exponentially and took over most of our time, our harvestable crops and our efforts.  It is with great happiness to see that we can stop chasing around from one to the other and focus on the CSA and make sure we do that well. It is with some sorrow that we say goodbye to all the great people who make the Hill Street farmers market possible (the stallholders, the weekly customers and the Hill Street trust and helpers). We wish them all well and maybe we will be back sometime when we find ourselves in another stage where it fits our life and business better again!

We are still growing our CSA and accept registrations for those of you wanting to access our fresh produce. We are opening new pick up locations regularly and also offer home delivery (extra delivery fee applies).

Organic Production Manager/ Internships

We are excited about what we do here at the farm and with the projected growth of the CSA in the next half year we are starting to look out and encourage those who would like to settle down in the Wairarapa and grow with us!

Over summer/autumn we hope to find someone to help us in the Masterton garden and production shed as the Organic Production Manager or Apprentice Farm Manager.  We are starting to put together a job description and will make that available on the website soon. We are also considering offering internships, developing fresh minds to set up CSA's in other parts of the country/world! 

Your CSA shares this week:

Fruit Share: 800 grams of pears and 2.5 kg of Breaburn apples.

Small Veggie Share: around 1 kg of potatoes (or a cabbage), 500 grams of carrots, a cauliflower ( or a few small ones), either a bunch of leeks or a sugarloaf chicory, and 150 grams of salad mix.

Large Veggie Share: around 1 kg of potatoes (or a cabbage), 500 grams of carrots, a cauliflower ( or a few small ones), either a bunch of leeks or a sugarloaf chicory, 150 grams of salad mix, 750 grams of onions, a pumpkin, 2 Pak Choy’s  160 grams of Shoho Oriental Spinach leaves and a bag of Mizuna greens.

A great selection this week! Enjoy,

Josje and the farm team.