New Potatoes for everyone!

At yesterdays' CSA pick up you might have noticed that there were no potato free shares available.  As we had very fresh dug up potatoes we wanted to share them with everyone (also beacuse we did not have much else to replace them with!).  It is not often that your potatoes are so new! This is a one off though. Next week and there after we will be back to potato free shares.  I will add potatoes to our online shop, so you can order extra if you like.

Also this week the first harvest of strawberries. The portions still rather small and some of you missed out completely, but over the next few weeks both the quantity and the flavour should improve with more consistent warm weather.

The broadbeans are getting better too, making it more worthwhile to go though the effort of processing them. It is not often that the smell of broadbeans hangs around the packing shed, as it is such a seasonal crop, but this week the intensity of the beans was amazing - I hope you enjoy them too!

Feedback please

We are considering changes to the way we pack your shares and like to have your feedback on this. With over 100 shares to pack now, and aiming for 200 by the end of next year, we need to make sure we are set up for bigger things to come. At the moment we use stamped paper bags stacked in coloured veggie crates. What works well, what doesn't and where do you think we should/can make improvements? We have some ideas ourselves, but with your feedback I am sure we can create a great system that works both here on the farm (harvesting & packing) and at your end (the pick up).

With regards to the pick up, I also like to know what you think about your pick up place. What works well/not well on your end ? We use different types of pick ups (community centres - with or without CSA distributors), personal homes, shops, cafe's. With growth in mind what type of pick up places should we look for/aim for? Would you be interested in offering your place as a pick up site? It would mean that your shares are home delivered every week!

Which subsurb(s) should we expand into? I am waiting for our daughter to finish high school so she can make up a google map with all your addresses; I hope that this will give me some indication of where we should go. In the mean time, please update your home address if you have moved in recent times.

Thanks for your feedback on last week's newsletter - great to see so much support!

Your CSA shares this week:

Fruit shares: strawberries or oranges, limes and kiwifruit.

Small Veggie Share: 1 kg new potatoes (Rocket), 800 grams of Broad Beans, 2 Cos Lettuce, 150 grams of Red Russian Kale and a bunch of table Carrots.

Large Veggie Share:  1 kg new potatoes (Rocket), 800 grams of Broad Beans, 2 Cos Lettuce, 150 grams of Red Russian Kale and a bunch of table Carrots, 150 grams of Mizuna, 120 grams Rocket, 150 grams of Salad Mix, 150 grams of NZ Spinach, a bunch of Rhubarb, and either a bunch of Beetroot, Peas or a bag of Salad Mix.


Frank and Josje

ps. Please feel free to send back the plastic punnets for strawberries, juice bottles and egg cartons. We like to reuse as much as possible.