A positive future

Hi everyone,

I have just been looking at the summer climate figures out by NIWA, our national forecasting bureau, and checked out the Wairarapa as well as Wellington.  I am sure you have all been amazed by this unusual (for Wellington) warm and dry summer weather that does not seem to stop.  Many record individual figures about New Zealand’s towns and regions are released and it shows that we have been enjoying an amazing warm and dry summer all over New Zealand. Two interesting figures stood out for me: Wellington enjoyed one of its sunniest summers ever, but also was the wettest for our 6 New Zealand main centers. Combining these two figures you must be wondering what that means for the rest of the country if Wellington is both unusually sunny and the wettest at the same time!?!

Climate change? What climate change? We better be prepared for what’s to come. A wee while ago I read an interesting blog on an American organic wholesalers website about why governments and big businesses are not going to help the world prepare for climate change. You can read the bog here: http://blog.albertsorganics.com/?p=3037 . During my time at Massey in the early nineties where one of my post grad papers was Natural Resource & Environmental Economics, I seemed to be the only one not agreeing with our professor that the free market economy we live in/by was going to deal with protecting the natural world enough/on time. My view is that human craving for money and power are too strongly engraved in our daily life. Only when it’s (almost) too late (too scarce) will people see the real need to want to start setting things straight. The concept of scaricity (and demand and supply) as a means to measure how we value the natural world comes back to mind and this was then and probably still is seen as THE way to look after our precious natural resources, but at what cost!!!   


Albert’s Organics writes weekly columns that are very interesting, have a look. The next blog is a video from a Harvard Psychology lecturer Shawn Anchor who talks about positive thinking and how a positive mindset creates more success. http://blog.albertsorganics.com/?p=3062#more-3062.

How do we get prepared? Be positive, concentrate on things close to home and focus on resilient food production systems like our CSA.  We are the positive future!

Our children are also the future as they are the next generation having to deal with more climate change issues! It was great to have Ross visit us this week, a young student from Victoria wanting to work for some fresh nutrient dense fruit and veggies and doing his bit to help make our CSA more resilient. Ross has decided to come out 2 days every week to help on the farm. Thank you Ross for your commitment.

Last week I wrote about our apple fundraiser opportunity for schools and one school mum is very keen to get a healthy fundraiser going at her son’s school.  I just realized that I gave the wrong email address to contact us if you are keen to help your school fundraise. The correct email address is:  sales@wefs.co.nz.

Some bits and bobs.

Anyone in Porirua?  We have someone in Porirua who is very keen to start a group of CSA members there. Anyone out there who is keen to join? I have spoken to our driver/courier who says he needs a minimum of 10 to make it worthwhile to go over the hill!

Sauerkraut. If you are keen to get your hands on some please contact me on sales @wefs.co.nz.

Half meat shares  are now available in our online farm-shop. See www.wefs.co.nz/shop for the details.

Your CSA shares this week:

Fruit Share: 1 kg Dayton Apples, 1 kg New variety Breaburn – type apples, and either 800 grams of tangelo’s or 1 kg of WBC pears.

Small Veggie Share: 2 cobs of sweet corn, 600 grams of courgette, 450 grams of tomatoes, 1.4 kg of potatoes or 1 squash (if you are a potato-free subscriber) and a bunch of fresh basil.

Large Veggie Share: 4 cobs of sweet corn, 600 grams of courgette, 450 grams of tomatoes, 1.4 kg of potatoes or 1 squash (if you are a potato-free subscriber, pak choy, 2 bulbs of Florence Fennel, 200 grams of beans, a bag of fresh salad mix  and a bunch of fresh basil.

Have a great, positive week,

Josje and the great farm team!