Sexy organics in the news!

As a big first, I sent out a short email yesterday with this weeks CSA share content. Yeah!. I know it's on the big wish list of many of our current and old CSA members.

Our aim is to do this every Wednesday, so you know what is coming, instead of checking it afterwards. Over summer this is easier done as we know produce is plenty and the chance of running out of something and having to run back into the garden to harvest some other crop is much smaller. yes, you cannot get it any fresher than this!

50 extra members please

Last week we had over 100 mm of water coming down on us, bringing huge damage to our cherry crop and disrupting some weeks of our strawberry harvest. Frank was more devasted than I imagined; he had set his plans on investing the extra money from the sale of bulk cherries into a tunnel house and a Dutch weeding machine. Both are very important and the top 2 on Frank's wish list. "This 100 mm of water is setting us a back another year, unless we find 50 extra CSA members really fast". 

In the spirit of finding 50 more members, it is very timely that the latest edition of the Wairarapa Lifestyle magazine came out this week, with on page 32 an interview with Frank about our CSA. As a note, the lady in picture is Benedicte, one of our wonderful helpers on packing day, not me.  

If you like us, spread the word!

Please. Last week I received an email from someone asking us if we wanted to buy "likes" for our facebook page. Not sure if it was spam or not, but the fact that one is able to buy 10.000 likes seems not too imposible in today's world. We prefer the real thing though, with people emailing us how much they enjoy our food and even better telling their friends and family. Lets find those extra 50!

Your CSA shares this week 

Fruit Share: Tangelo's and either kiwifruit or strawberries.

Small Veggie Share:  1 kg New potatoes or 120 grams shoho oriental spinach, 2 broccoli, 1 pak choy, 700 grams broadbeans and a lettuce.

Large Veggie Share: 1 kg New potatoes or  120 grams of shoho oriental spinach, 2 broccoli, 1 pak choy, 700 grams broadbeans and a lettuce, a bunch of table carrots, 150 grams kale, 150 grams nz spinach, 120 grams of choho oriental spinach, and a bunch oregano herbs.

Cheers Josje