Spring Blossom Farm Day postponed to next week (weather permitting)

 “Hi Frank and Josje, Thank you for taking the time to show us around your farms. I would like to congratulate you both on your passion and efforts that have resulted in this unique entity that is WEF. It was very refreshing to see such integrity and delivery of ideals within the program of producing these food items. I was very surprised at the real taste of the raw vegetables - eating them in the field in which they grow - the natural sugars and flavours, textures that exist within a sprouting Cavolo nero shoot or endive lettuce is hard to describe. Too many trendy food clichés could be used but in this case are actually true rather than some scripted marketable verbosity given by a TV chef for example. Roberto and I decided to cook on our return to Wellington some of these items such as the chicory leaves - again it shows that you really don't need overworked food to make an impression. The flavour of the raw fennel bulb was I think the best I have tasted ever - only distant memories of fennel from the markets in Paris compare. As Frank was saying - the soil is obviously so important, no fertilisers even!! Together with planting seeds with good genetic material that suit the soil. How many producers even think try to find this balance? The experience was a revelation and something that all chefs owe it to themselves to see. Well done guys keep up the good work. Regards, John”

We received the above email from John Allred, Chef and Owner of Osteria Del Toro, a Mediterranean style restaurant in the heart of Wellington, an who came to visit us last week. 

With notable achievements such as the Huka Lodge Hospitality Scholarship and NZ chef of year in 2001/2 and 2003, as well as international work experience in London and Paris, I think we can say that he is in the know about what good food is all about and it’s great to see and hear that he and Roberto Giorgioni from Bongusto Pasta enjoyed their farm visit and our crops.  You can find more about these two equally passionate chefs at

http://www.osteriadeltoro.co.nz/   https://www.facebook.com/osteriadeltoro

http://www.bongusto.co.nz/  https://www.facebook.com/bongusto.pasta

Full Moon means sowing time!

Tonight is full moon and Frank has been busy in the garden getting the soil ready for direct sowing of root crops and early summer crops. The energy of the rising and falling moon that gives us high and low tide also has an effect on the sap flows in the plant (including nutrients and energy). Nothing in Nature stands on its own, it’s all connected and our salty seas are very much connected to our rivers, lakes and even with the water in our crops and plants. Energy flows are constantly waning and rising (it’s like the earth’s breath). In the garden we have noticed the effects over the years and like to take advantage of this natural phenomenon! Of course you have to make sure all the other factors are looked after as well (good bed preparation, plentiful water, proper sowing techniques and healthy seed), but if these are all the same, then sowings done around full moon come up stronger and with more success than at most other times of the month.  The same is true for pruning, this is best done when the moon is waning, as the trees lose less sap and can recover quicker.

September is an important month for us as a lot needs to happen to make sure we get it right for summer/autumn. July/August can often still be too early –outside that is- and October it can be too late if we experience an early summer. So, all hands on deck.

2nd Annual Spring Farm Day now next Saturday 28 September, 11 am start.

Due to the expected wet weather over the weekend we have decided to postpone the farmday to next week (weather permitting).

Next Saturday we are welcoming everyone wanting to see for them selves what we and the CSA are all about. The weather forecast is still for some showers but we hope they stay away long enough. If you are thinking of joining us for the day please bring your wellies, a rain/warm jacket and an umbrella.

As our toilet facilities are somewhat meagre (long drop) I suggest those with small children to stop at Henley Lake at Te Ore Ore Road just outside of Masterton and before you hit 38 Te Ore Ore Bideford Road – our Bio Gro Organic certification sign is on the gate.  Drive through to the back or along the driveway where you can park. 

We look forward to seeing you all! Please check with us on our website, by email or facebook if its going ahead before heading out. If you like to receive a text on Saturday morning please email us on csa@wefs.co.nz.

Taste competition “How well do you know your healthy greens?”

The farm visit by the chefs last week gave me some inspiration for a fun farm day event. We will harvest and exhibit a range of our green vegetables and see how many you can identify.  A winner will be drawn from the right entries and win a CSA voucher worth $50.00. Winner to be anounced in next week's newletter/blog on our website and facebook page.

Program for the farm day

  • 11 am -12.30 pm Start with a welcome and followed by an orchard walk through the apple and cherry blocks

  • 12.30  Lunch (BYO) and taste competition “ How well do you know your healthy greens?”

  • 1 pm Presentation of a permaculture project done by 3 students from Wellington with some great ideas for our farm

  • 1.45 – 3 pm Market garden taste tour    

  •  3 pm Finish 

Wellington Event : A simpler Life with Wendyl Nissen 

‘Green goddess’ Wendyl Nissen is New Zealand’s authority on how to live the old-fashioned way – homemade, chemical free, low cost, and natural. Wendyl is in Wellington to share her insights into living more simply, making your own household cleaning products, raising your children without chemical nasties, and working out what is really in your food.

Tickets $20 (includes free copy of Mother’s Little Helper – an old-fashioned guide to raising your baby chemical-free)

Wendyl is the best-selling author of the back-to-basics books Domestic Goddess on a Budget, A Home Companion – My year of living like my grandmother, Mother’s Little Helper – an old-fashioned guide to raising your baby chemical-free and Wendyl Nissen’s Supermarket Companion – how to bring home good food. She is also the creator of Wendyl’s Green Goddess natural cleaning products. www.wendylsgreengoddess.co.nz

September 26 at St Michael's Church Hall, Kelburn, Wellington

Your CSA shares this week

Fruit share: 800 grams of Pears and 1.5 kg of Braeburn apples.

Small Veggie share: 1.2 kg potato’s (or either 1 kg of Pumpkin or 400 grams of Daikon Radish), 1 Green Cabbage, a bag of Salad Mix, 400 grams of Beetroot, either a Pumpkin, Celery or Daikon Radish, and a sprig of Bay Leaves.

Large Veggie share: 1.2 kg potato’s (or either 1 kg of Pumpkin or 400 grams of Daikon Radish), 1 Green Cabbage, a bag of Salad Mix, 400 grams of Beetroot, either a Pumpkin, Celery or Daikon Radish, a bag of Kale or a bunch of Rapini, an Endive, a bunch of Carrots, either a bag of Mizuna Greens or Mustard Lettuce, and a sprig of Bay Leaves.

Looking this week at the New Zealand Organic Wholesalers list of available veggies for shops, it is comforting to see that we have quite a variety of fresh greens available for you (as they list none!).

Last but not least I want to thank Ross for his help over the past 7 months.  Ross came as a Wooffer at the start of the year and slowly but surely became a great helper and part of the family. This week was his last week after which he will enjoy walking the Heapy Track and go back to Uni to finish his studies. We wish him all the best and hope he finds what he is looking for in life! 

Healthy Eating,

Josje and the farm team