Weekly Farm Update, 13 September 2012

What a glorious morning today – a very cold start though, but that does not matter after that immensely horrid day yesterday.  The chickens are making a mud dances in their enclosure and the calves where happy to see me with a bucket of warm fresh milk.

Inside we woke up to the sound of 12 chicks that were being born during the cold frosty night. Luckily for them our new incubator is doing a fine job keeping a constant temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius.  By the look of it there will still be a few more today!  Everyone gets so excited by this new life, and one by one all 5 of us open the lid to see how they are coping.

Frank is off to the orchard to see what the damage is of all this cold wet and crazy weather – no good for spring blossoming.  Hopefully this was the last of the frosts as we are still waiting for the cherries to start flowering – the apricots (always the first ones on the block) and the peaches (flowering now) had a tough spring so far.

With the wonderfully dry weather last week we managed to transplant and direct sow quite a few beds of new crops. It was great to get some work done, but it will be wait and see how the young plants have coped with the frosts and heavy rain and hail from yesterday!

Life on a farm, there are absolutely no certainties here, just challenges. It can be fun as life never gets boring but also a bit stressful. Maybe with all this crazy weather continuing (I think due to climate change) we have to bring the crops inside (greenhouse/under cover) to have more certainty over the fact that what we do comes to fruition.

Your CSA shares this week:

Fruit Share: 1.2 kg Breaburn Apples, 800-90 grams of Green Kiwifruit, 600-700 grams of Navel Oranges.

Small Vege Share: 500g Yellow Carrots, 1 Cauli, 150-170g Rapini, 1 Lettuce, 120g Garlic.

Large Vege Share:  500g Yellow Carrots, 1 Cauli, 150-170g Rapini, 1 Lettuce,  120g Garlic, 400g Jerusalem Artichokes, 1 Cabbage or Broccoli, bag of Curly Kale, bunch of Spring Onions, and a bunch of Parsley.

Enjoy the sun and you healthy fruit and vege

Cheers Josje

 Ps. please bare with me if you are expecting replies to emails or phone calls.  Our youngest two have just come down with chicken pox, which means that there is not much office time left in a day.