Weekly Farm Update, December 20, 2012

Hi Everyone,

With the kids jumping in and out of our pool, the flies buzzing around my ear every time I make a move in this overly hot office, and with my skirt dripping wet from watering the greenhouse and the thirsty seedlings outside, I feel it’s time for a weekly update – the last one of 2012. I am giving myself a break for 2 weeks (I will still post what is in the baskets)!

I hope you all enjoy a well deserved summer break and enjoy a great warm hot summer! We love it here. The whole idea of moving to the Wairarapa over 15 years ago was to enjoy Mediterranean style summers, and this year it has come early.   I am sure the tomatoes will do better than last year, as will most of summer crops (as long as we can keep them watered- very regularly).

Your CSA Shares This week

Fruit Share: either 2 types of cherries (Stella and Rainier) or Stella Cherries and punnet of Strawberries.

Small Veggie Share: Ilam Hardy Potatoes (Bas), Green Beans, bag of salad Mix, a Broccoli and Pak Choy.

Large Veggie Share: Ilam Hardy Potatoes (Bas), Green Beans, bag of salad Mix, a Broccoli, Cucumber, bunch of Turnips, some New Season Carrots, a bag of Cavalo Nero Kale,  some perpetual Spinach and a Pak Choy.


This week some fruit shares will have two different types of cherries. Our Cherry block has 8 different types of cherry trees, some early bearing and some late. One very interesting and rare variety is the Rainier cherry.  This yellow cherry is white fleshed with a red blush and is known under cherry connoisseurs as a perfect warm dessert cherry! I tried this recipe earlier this week and with some minor adjustments to make it work for me, it was just divine!  http://maresfoodandfun.blogspot.co.nz/2009/07/rainier-cherry-crumble-and...

At the farm we are all very glad that we managed to get cherries of the trees and into your CSA baskets after last year’s disappointment and we even managed to get a decent amount to the organic wholesaler.  Although tired from all the extra stress it brought, and happy it’s almost over for another year, we are thinking positively into the future and our cherry block. It requires a good amount of pruning to get the trees manageable again, but then we really like to be able to fix the netting so that at least we can take away the stress of trying to keep out massive bird populations. This time of year there is not much else for birds to feast upon and our one block of cherries in that large area of mainly grass paddocks is all there is for miles and miles. Repairing the cherry block cage will come at a cost and if anyone out there has an idea on how to approach this best, we are willing to listen.

Art of the Farm

As a Christmas present to you I thought it would be nice to share a link to a video made by our daughters, Sanne and Renske and their best friend Mika.  Ever since they were little girls they have entertained us with many different art & craft shows for which the rest of the family, as well as pets and several farm props are used to make us laugh and be proud. This latest clip is a very funny black and white silent film showing Mika and Renske (with wig) as main characters, and Femke, Wietse, little Max and Leo, and Renske’s dog Archie to make it all complete. Enjoy!  The link to follow is http://youtu.be/DUrd2Xaq9lc.  For more of their arty videos see UTube!

All the best wishes for a wholesome and healthy 2013 from us all at the Wairarapa Eco Farms and love to see you all back in the New Year.