Weekly Farms Update, November 29, 2012

Hi everyone,

Great summer days are here! I think the grass is already dryer then it ever was last year.  It is always hard yakka bending over the crops in the burning sun, but at the same time it is sooo good for the soul. By the time work is ‘done’ for the day and finally time to sit down and relax, we are totally exhausted but utterly fulfilled.  As long as we keep some beer cold in the fridge, some nice music in the background and the fine company of our kids talking or playing in the background then nothing beats a great hot long summer!  The picture shows our strawbale house during a warm summers evening.


Frank, Matt, Albert and Justus have been working hard trying in vain to keep the birds out of the cherry trees, but at the moment they are losing the battle and the early variety cherries has been lost to the birds. Many hours have been spent shooting and all kinds of devices have been invested in to keep the birds at bay, but with the hot dry weather, cherries are the best food around for these creatures and they are not easily frightened.  It is a pity our netting is in such a bad state, and we have been looking at it for a couple of years now, but we do not (yet) have the resources ($) to fix it. We are hoping that we can do a better job with our later varieties as the trees are bearing more fruit and our aim is that they (the birds) will not be able to keep up with all the ripening fruit!

We did harvest our first lot of strawberries, which is marvelous as they are protected from birds! If you did not receive them this week, keep your eye out for it next week -as it will be your turn.

Meat for Christmas

We have had so much positive feedback about the taste and quality of our meat that I have decided to bring cow number 2 to the works. It is being picked up this weekend and will be processed next week, just in time for all of us to enjoy over summer and Christmas.

They had a great life here on the farm keeping the grass down under the olive trees, and grazing the paddocks with a wide variety of grass and herbs. Free range organic, no additives, no hormones, no nothing!

To make the ordering and supplying of the meat efficient for us we have divided the meat up in 3 types of packages, namely “Deluxe”, “Family” and “Burger”.  In total we have around 40 packages available that we like to sell to you.  Each package contains 10 vacuum packed and labelled portions of around 400 to 600 grams of your chosen meat.  The link to order your meat is www.wefs.co.nz/shop. Click on “meat” and choose your package(s).  

Note: If ordered within the next two weeks from today (30 November 2012) the meat will be fresh  as the meat needs to hang for a week or two to mature and ripen before it being cut up in smaller pieces. After that the meat will be frozen.

Your CSA Shares this week:

Fruit Share: either

1kg juicing/cooking apples ,1 punnet of strawberries (150g) and 1 cucumber


2kg juicing/cooking apples, 800g tangelos or oranges and 1 cucumber

Small Vege Share:  750 grams of Broad beans, 1 lettuce, a bag of Frisee endive greens, either 200 grams of baby turnips or 2-3 larger ones or 150 grams of radish and a bag of Mixed Baby Chard.

Large Vege Share: 750 grams of Broad beans, 1 lettuce, a bag of Frisee endive greens, either 200 grams of baby turnips or 2-3 larger ones or 150 grams of radish, 120 grams of rapini, 100 grams snow peas, a bag of Mizuna mix, 1 pak choy, 150 grams of rocket and a bag of Mixed Baby Chard.