Weekly Update 19 July 2012

Hip Hip Hoerree

First of all to my parents in law who celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary today! Sjan and  Piet, In our hearts we are with you celbrating.

Also a hip hip Hoeree to the CSA for having grown recently to a record amount of members. More than we ever had before! Although there was a big drop at the end of last season, we have been able to connect with more people! Great to have you all aboard. I think we are a logic choice for people wanting to do their bit for their health, their community, and the environment. 

We are like "Organic Boxes" in Wellington, but more local (as over 80% comes directly from our far, ours oil), more fresh (harvested often only a couple of hours before it goes into your share), more economical and helping local farmers directly.

This week we have the wonderful opportunity to offer you fresh farm beef from our farm. For more information see the topic a bit further on. Half an hour after I posted it on our website shop the first order came in! Great!!

We are enjoying the great sunny weather; cold starts but warm during the day. The crops like it and we like it even better. Frank notices that the fruit trees are starting to bud, which means a hectic time ahead with regular soft sprayings of hydrated lime to keep black spot and other diseases at bay.  This is a necessary down side of growing fruit as you can't do it spray free without it looking spot free!

Free Range Ecological Meat for sale for a limited time – ORDER NOW

Last weekend we have brought the largest and naughtiest of our two lovely cows to the meat works. ‘Jumblee’ as our children called her has had 3 wonderful years on our home farm, grazing the olive grove and pastured paddocks. Lately she got a bit out of control (girl hormones I think), starting to jump fences trying to get to the big boys on the other side of the fence (our neighbour farmer is a beef farmer!). It was time to go!

She has been processed by a fully qualified processing plant (Preston’s in Wellington) and butchered by the local butcher into nicely packed portions of all kinds. Although we like some for our own freezer, we also like to share this local, pasture fed, hormone free meat with you, and if it all works out we will do it more often.

To make the ordering and supplying of the meat efficient for us we have divided the meat up in 3 types of packages, namely “Deluxe”, “Family” and “Burger”.  In total we have around 40 packages available that we like to sell to you.  Each package contains 10 vacuum packed and labelled portions of around 400 to 600 grams of your chosen meat.

Note: If ordered within the next two weeks from today (17 July 2012) the meat will be fresh  as the meat needs to hang for a week or two to mature and ripen before it being cut up in smaller pieces. After that the meat will be frozen.

Deluxe Package:

For those who like to entertain: local terroire from delicious beef cuts, with proportionally more prime cuts (steaks and loin cuts) than in the Family Package. The Deluxe Package is made up of about 50% prime cuts (steaks and loin cuts) and the other half is split between stewing/roast cuts (think curried stew!) and ground meat. The Package Comparison chart below details the proportions of prime, roast/stew, and ground cuts

Family Package:

Good value pack of all cuts of beef -- great stew meats, lovely roasts, and excellent burger, with some prime cuts for special occasions. The Family Package is made up of proportionally more braise/roast cuts and ground meat: great stews, weekend roasts (= weekday leftovers!), burgers and meatballs, and just enough prime cuts for a “special occasion” dinner. The Package Comparison chart below details the proportions of prime, roast/stew, and ground cuts.

Burger Package:

Our Burger Package is ideal for the life on the go: all ground meat, quick, easy, versatile, but still grown the old-fashioned way. The Burger Package is made up entirely of 400-600 gram packs of ground meat – beef mince, burgers and sausages.

As the sausages contain gluten, you can choose with/without sausages.

See the Package Comparison chart below for proportions.

Comparison of the packages:





Prime Cuts, ± 500 gram each




Stew & Roasts, ± 500 grams each




Ground Meats, ± 500 grams each








Total # Portions @ ± 500 grams each








Total Price/Package for CSA members




Total Price/Package for Non CSA members





Sample “Meat Cut” Comparison List:

Prime Cuts

Stew & Roast

Ground Meats

Eye Fillet




Stir Fry


Scotch Fillet

Corned Beef


Rump Steak

Blade Steak





Ordering and Delivery:

Meat Packages can be ordered from our online Farm Shop (www.wefs.co.nz) as long as we have stock. Prices include delivery to main centers in Wellington, Palmerston North, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa.  When ordering let us know where you would like us to deliver (home, workplace). Rural delivery will incur a courier fee. We will let you know the day before we are shipping the packages out so can make sure someone is home, or put a chilly bin with ice blocks in an easy to find spot.  

Please give us a ring if you have any questions on 06 304 8116 or email us on csa@wefs.co.nz

Your Shares this Week, 19 July 2012.

Fruit Share: 1.5kg Braeburn Apples, 500g Mandarins, 650-750g Kiwifruit Green.

Small Vegetable Share: 1.2kg Agria Potatoes, 1 Ppumpkin, Endive, Mizuna (Go to 'our Crops" for more info on Mizuna and other crops) and

  • Lower and Upper Hutt, Berhampore and Aro Valley: Broccoli/Cauliflower/Cabbage
  • Innermost, Palmerston North and Individuals: Curly Kale

Large Vegetable Share:

Approx. 500g Kumara and 500g Winter Carrots, Endive, Mizuna, 400g Jerusalem Artichokes, Approx 70g Spring Onions, 200g Kale, 1 Pumpkin, and

  • Lower and Upper Hutt, Berhampore and Aro Valley: Broccoli/Cauliflower/Cabbage and 400g Turnips 
  • Innermost, Palmerston North and Individuals: Curly Kale and 1.2kg Agria Potatoes.


Conversation for the Future of CSA

     Venue: Innermost Gardens in Majoribanks Street  

     When: 21st July 2pm – 5pm

     Please RSVP to Josje with ‘I’m coming for a CSA Conversation’ in the Subject line.

A Conversations game is now confirmed to take place at Innermost Gardens in Majoribanks Street on 21st July 2pm – 5pm. The theme for our Conversation is A Conversation for the Future of CSA. This is a great opportunity to meet other members of CSA, share thoughts and feelings in a warm and open minded setting, and express ideas for the future of our CSA.

Conversations is a facilitated way to talk and listen at a deeper level. Facilitator and CSA member, Caroline Welkin says ‘this game always brings rich insights at a personal and group level, whatever the topic. To share this experience with other CSA members to help create the CSA we want will be very positive. I look forward to hearing people’s thoughts on CSA’.

Members are invited (but not obliged) to bring a snack for a shared afternoon tea.

If you would like to explore more about Conversations the Game before our time together, you can check out www.conversationsthegame.com.au, or join the Conversations Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/ConversationsTheGame  .

Innermost Gardens will be heated for our comfort, it might also be nice to know we don’t mind if people bring their kids as there is space to play whilst we share our thoughts. Bring your own game, puzzle, book, or toy.  If successful we are also interested in sharing the game with our Palmerston North group one day in your Town.