Who needs Ice to build an Igloo?

Spring holidays are here and I am trying my best to keep the kids and myself outside. Away from electronics as much as possible. It’s not such a hard task, the weather is gorgeous, and outside everything smells fresh and sweet, butterflies are starting to fly around and nice flowers are starting to pop up here, there and everywhere! My plan was to take the kids to the big city (Wellington) but it’s too nice to sit in the car and swivel around the Rimutaka’s. Maybe next week.

Last Saturday we held our Spring Blossom Farm Day and a small group of enthusiasts did make it over the hill and listened to our story about the farm and the growing. The weather kept up its promise and the apple and cherry blossoms where at their best, as were the children who managed to build an igloo hut out of our plastic veggie crates; who needs snow to build an igloo!  Thank you to those who made it out. It always great to put faces to names and (especially now that we have stopped going to Hill Street) gives us an opportunity to connect and hopefully inspire.

This year we are experimenting with frost cloth and Frank has been using it throughout the garden to either keep young transplants safe from rabbits and hares, as well as frosts. These cloths are super light and the main expense is in keeping them onto the plants and let light and water through as to not smother the plants, but is also means that they are easily picked up by the Wairarapa winds and keeping the cloths on to the beds is a bit of a struggle. However, the effects as we saw walking around the garden are fantastic as there was a big difference between the covered and uncovered potatoes. Next to protecting the plants from frosts they cloth also helps in keeping the soil warmer underneath and are giving the covered potatoes (in this instance) a head start. Great little ways of staggering harvest dates.

While Frank was talking, I was filming with our personal camera and (tried to) make some informational material for our website. Still have to work out a few things (for example how to rotate a moving picture – Frank seems to be lying down on some of the shots)!

Winner of the Taste Competition is Sonya Cameron who guessed 4 out of the 5 green leafy veggies right and wins a $50 voucher.     

Welcome Antoinette

Antoinette has taken over from Ross to do the CSA pack, together with Frank.  Antoinette, a book editor, has been with us for some time, helping us out for a couple of hours each week with harvesting and washing. For the next couple of months she well look after the CSA pack and Frank and I hope she will stay in the Wairarapa and be involved a bit longer as well.


A Spring Thing in Wellingtom this weekend

This Saturday the Local Food network is holding their "Weekend of Community Gardening Events" and Sunday Innermost Gardens is holding a picnic.  

Your CSA shares this week

Fruit Share: 800 grams of pears and 1.5 kg of Breaburn apples.

Small Veggie Share: 1 kg potatoes, 2 Pak Choy, 1 Celeriac, 1 leek and a bag of Salad Mix.

Large Veggie Share: 1 kg potatoes, 2 Pak Choy, a bunch of Carrots, 1 leek and, 400 grams of Beetroot, a bag of Mustard Lettuce, a bunch of Curly Parsley, 400 grams of Daikon Radish and a bag of Red Russian Kale.