Your CSA Shares This Week, 27 December 2012

Your CSA Shares

(arriving Friday at your Pick Up point) contain the following items:

Fruit Share: 500 grams of cherries *

* Please be aware that the white carton boxes  (we wont't use them again) we used for packing them are not that great and fall easily out of shape when picked up. probab;ly good idea to bring other means of packaging (even if its just a plastic bag).  

Small Veggie Share: 1 kg freshly dug up Ilam Hardy potatoes, 400 grams of carrots, 1 cucumber, 200 grams of salad mix, 200 grams of green beans and 1 small Bak Choy.

Large Veggie Share: 1 kg freshly dug up Ilam Hardy Potatoes, 400 grams of Carrots, 1 Cucumber, 200 grams of Salad Mix, 300 grams of Green Beans, 1 kg of Broad Beans, 300 grams of Cavalo Nero Kale, 400 grams of Courgette, 400 grams of Baby Turnips, some Broccoli heads and 1 large Bak Choy.

Have a great week,