CSA updates

CSA updates

2019 Spring Farm Day October 19.

All weather event.

Please buy tickets online.

No eftpos available, cash only.

Upcoming Course and Internship 2018/2019

Wairarapa Eco Farm CSA Agro-ecology Course and Internship

Linking practice with theory


Are you interested in growing and distributing healthy vegetables and fruits? Do you want to learn about agro-ecology, food sovereignty and sustainable food systems? Are you keen to tap into the knowledge of an experienced and innovative farmer? Or, do you have a desire to learn about the challenges and practicalities of working towards a sustainable, healthy, viable food system that is fair and just for the earth, the consumer and the producer? Then why not join Frank and his whanau on the Wairarapa Eco Farm CSA this spring /summer!

Course and Internship Description 

This is an experiential learning program based on agro-ecology and soil quality, the pre-requisites for quality food production with environmental care that lay the foundation for genuine progress/ resilience in community development.  The program is geared toward people interested in producing food quality and community development.

First litter of Maremma puppies born on the Farm

The whole family got excited on Easter Monday when we noticed after dinner that Florence, our purebred Maremma Guardian dog started to show the first signs of labour.  A few hours earlier we had brought inside the newly built whelping box and introduced her to it (she seemed to like it very much, only coming out to go outisde for a perceived pee!)  Sure signs for me (as a mum of 4 myself) that something was about to happen, and when she started to breath very heavily I was sure this was not going to take very much longer. 

We all joined Florence in the whelping room (office) which she accepted and appreciated as a sign of support.  Frank joined her in the whelping crate and she did not want him to leave her side. 15 minutes later her waters broke, which she started cleaning up straight away, and after some contractions puppy number 1 made it out.  With around 3 hours intervals there were 3 more happy and healthy pups. 

GAIA award winners

Wairarapa Eco Farm has been awarded not one but three awards in the inaugural Green Agriculture Innovation Awards (GAIA) NZ 2014. We are proud winner of the BIOSEA HORTICULTURE AWARD and the TM AGRICULTURAL INNOVATION AWARD and in addition we've been awarded 'silver' recipient of the PADDOCK TO PLATE award. "Already well established in Australia, this award is New Zealand’s inaugural event in celebration of producers who are championing the use of soil-friendly practices that support ecological and economic bottom-line benefits while improving the quality of the food on which the health of the nation depends."

Your CSA shares this week January 16, 2014

Fruit Share: 1.5 kg plums and either 1 kg pears or tangelos or 250 grams of strawberries.

Small Veggie Share: 1.5 kg Agria potatoes or 800 grams of Squash, 700 grams of Courgette, 200 grams of green beans, 1 cucumber and 300 grams of table carrots.

Your CSA shares this week; 12 December 2013

Dear CSA members,

As promised an early update on what to expect in your CSA shares this week. 

In your CSA shares tomorrow:

Fruit Share:  Bottle of 100% juiced apples and either plums or strawberries.  

Your CSA Shares this week


So many of you have asked if I can send the list of crops earlier. This time of year when produce grows plenty its a bit easier to know by Wednesday afternoon what we have harvested and what is there to share out. So over summer for starters I intend to send you a list of CSA crops in your basket that is probably 90% accurate.

Bouncing Back after the Storm!

It’s amazing how fast one forgets how strong the wind was last Monday night and the intensity of the rain the next day; On Monday we lost the roof of the greenhouse, the plastic is in tatters as it was just one storm too many this year. Luckily the plastic roof was blown onto the rhubarb plants outside which we just harvested last week (good timin!).  It left all the seedlings inside pretty unharmed; except for the germinating broccoli and kohlrabi trays which the birds found very appetizing. We will have to do those again!  The plastic roof (24 by 8 meters) lasted this time around over 7 years, which is very good as we used to lose it at least every 2 years before that. A testament to the all the trees and shelterbelts we planted over the years and that are now mature enough to break most of the winds. Anyone interested in helping us putting a new roof on in the next week or two, please let us now. It needs to happen on a very calm and dry day as we will be juggling a very big piece of light plastic onto an awkward long and half round structure.

Weekly Farm Update, 21 September 2012

Hi everyone

It seems the days and weeks go faster every year.  Having the youngest two home with chickenpox this week, as well as Matt on a holiday, defenitely made the week go extremely fast!  The result mainly being that I am late with the newsletter (again) and Frank only realised today that the bags of stir fry mix that should have been in both the small eand large veggie bags were still in the chiller in Masterton!  We will make this up to you this coming weeks with some extra vege, apologies!

Your CSA Shares this week:

Fruit Share: 1 kg each of Pacific Rose and Fuji Apples, 2 lemons and 1 Fuerte Avocado.

Small Veggie Share: 3 Brown Onions, 1,2 kg of Agria Potatoes or 1 Celeriac, a bunch of Rapini, a bag of Salad Mix and some Parsley.  Missing: a bag of Stir Fry Mix!

CSA Shares this week September 7, 2012

Fruit Share: 1.2 kg apples, 3 ea citrus (Grapefruit or Orange), and 800-900 grams of kiwifruit.

Small Veggie Share: 500 grams of Yellow carrots, either 1 Cauliflower, Cabbage or Broccoli, bunch of Leeks, Jerusalem Artichokes and 1 Lettuce.

Large Veggie Share: 500 grams of Yellow carrots, either 1 Cauliflower, Cabbage or Broccoli, bunch of Leeks, Jerusalem Artichokes and 1 Lettuce,  Broccoli, Bag of Mizuna or salad Mix, either bag of Spinach or Chicory or Florence Fennel and a bunch or Rapini.


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