Our Orchard Fresh Apples & Cherries

Nature at its best!

Our aim at the Wairarapa Eco Farms is to grow produce that is not just certified organic, but ecologically sound and nutrient dense.  For us that means with the least amount of harsh interventions (yes, even organic standards allow for harsh chemicals interventions sometimes) and as pure and ‘slow or steady’ as possible. For food to be REAL food it is not just cooked in a slow fashion (like the difference we make these days between ‘slow food’ and ‘fast food’; it also has to be GROWN ‘slow or steady’ in order to be nutrient dense and full of minerals and vitamins that Nature intended it to have!

In the field of fruit and vegetable growing, fast food is essential a bag of water with unfinished secondary metabolites as opposed to slow food which has a higher nutrient:water ratio (thus more nutrient dense) with lots of finished secondary metabolites like natural hormones, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Just like fast food ‘explodes’ in your tummy, it also blows out of the ground with the many fertilizers applied to it and then kept a life with harsh chemicals/interventions as opposed to slow food which grows steadily on the nutrient reserves of the soil and fences off pests and diseases by itself, thereby strengthening its own immune system and yours when you eat it. 

When in 2009 we ‘inherited’ a previously commercially run orchard that was run down and lacked any soil or tree life, Frank saw a real opportunity and challenge to trial his previously developed systems for organic management.  Frank worked with and consulting to the export pip fruit industry in Hawke’s Bay in the past 10 years helping many to convert their conventional export orchards to more sustainable and certified organic properties. In those years he developed unique soil and plant care programmes for previously hard to manage commercial apples varieties like Breaburn and Pacific Rose.

After 3 years of converting a rundown commercial orchard ourselves we can now say that it is possible to manage these varieties commercially and organically with a very minimum of harsh sprays like copper and lime sulphur.

This year our BioGro NZ Inspector commented on our spray diary as he said he “had not seen such a good one in his career”.  We dare to say that we now grow the purest Braeburn and Pacific Rose apples in New Zealand.