Our pasture raised, naturally bred chickens

Real Chickens and Eggs

These days commercial breeding has developed in such a way that there only a few (that is 2) breeds left for commercial egg production and 1 for meat.  After trialing them over the last couple of years we have come back to the conclusion that the hybridized and commercial poultry industry is not for us. 

It produces weak animals that are either very light (egg laying) or extremely heavy (meat) in a too short period of time. Eating eggs or meat from these birds does not give you the satisfaction of ‘slowly’ produced food.  The meat birds grow ready for slaughter in an amazing short period of 8 weeks time!!! They do that in such a way that they cannot stand on their feet or walk properly around if you wanted to keep them for longer and they need nasty additives in their food to keep them alive.  On top of this, in one system (egg) all the one day old males are killed, and in the order production system (meat) all the one day old females are killed as they are not good enough for their role as either a meat bird (does not get heavy enough fast) or egg producer (does not lay enough eggs over a 360 day period).

Just like our aim was when we started here 15 years ago, we like to produce chickens and eggs that are suited to the Wairarapa Eco Farms, that is kind to the birds, and produces eggs and meat that are high in quality, nutrient dense that is (not a bag full of water)!

By breeding birds that lay a good amount of eggs and have great meat properties, we do not have to kill off one day old chicks as we have a use for both males and females.

We started with this project last spring and with our recently bought incubator, and some chickens going broody over summer, we have now clutches of young chicks wandering about.