Wairarapa Eco Farm partners

One of the goals of Wairarapa Eco Farm is to establish an 'eco-system' of partner farms, organisations and individuals, each helping the other to acheive their own goals of sustainable food production. We're very happy to be able to offer additional nutritious and sustainably produced items in our weekly deliveries, from local producers with whom we're working closely to develop exciting new projects.


Leeds Street Bakery: Freshly baked bread with your weekly veggie bag!

In November 2010, brothers Jesse Simpson and Shepherd Elliott teamed up and opened Ti Kouka café, with a philosophy of using local, seasonal, sustainable and organic produce whenever possible. Wairarapa Eco Farm sends Ti Kouka a weekly supply of freshly harvested produce – whatever is available in the garden that week. It’s just the sort of relationship we feel is so important in developing resilient communities within the food web.

To our delight, in 2013 Ti Kouka opened Leeds Street Bakery, offering, among other things, delicious and highly nutritious organic bread. We’re now able to include loaves of bread with weekly CSA and individual orders. You can find out more about Ti Kouka and Leeds Street Bakery here, and you can add bread to your existing weekly order in April 2014 – watch this space!


Kingsmeade – artisan cheesemakers

Since 1998, artisan cheese makers Miles and Janet King have quietly created a broad range of supreme ewe and cow’s milk cheeses on their idyllic 30-acre farm on the outskirts of Masterton, in the Wairarapa. Kingsmeade started out making ewe’s milk cheeses with milk from their own flock of East Friesian sheep. Clover, Chicory, Plantain and Lucerne cover broad, green meadows where the sheep graze – they are big, contented and full of personality – no need to round them up at milking time, they hear Miles’ voice and come on their own.

Today, Kingsmeade makes 14 different varieties of cheese, half from ewes’ milk and half from cows’, and often graze their sheep under the trees in the Wairarapa Eco Farm orchard. Their cheeses are uniquely hand crafted, ranging from the aged hard varieties to the deliciously soft. You can find out more about Kingsmeade here, and you can add cheese to your existing weekly order soon – watch this space!


Limegully – a bottle of organic wine to enjoy with your next meal...

Limegully is located in Longbush Valley, Martinborough, and consists of 13 hectares of farm, vineyard and protected QEII reserve bordered by the Whangahau River. James Walker and Barbara Turner are developing a self-sufficient farm that combines agriculture with viticulture practices. Vintage pinot gris and pinot noir grapes are grown organically, optimising the potential of the vineyard soils and employing a philosophy of low intervention winemaking. 

Barbara took an organics course with Frank some years ago, and on the website says the following of her experience: “The second most significant time came when I participated in an organic management course taken by Frank Van Steensel, ‘He was mean to me’ - when he found out I was managing a vineyard he honed in on bad management of commercial growers. After a shaky start, we got on very well, and discovered Frank and Josje Van Steensel to be the two most important people to us, we have always admired both Frank and Josje for their ethics, knowledge and endurance, and Frank always pushing to look outside the box." Barbara, Frank and Josje worked together on a research project for Murdoch James Estate in 2000. You can read their report here.

We’re delighted to be able to offer Limegully wines through our online shop. You can find out more about Limegully here, and you can add wine to your existing weekly order soon – we'll keep you posted!